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The Irish publication "Dublin Opinion" was started in 1922 as a humorous monthly magazine with the founder "Arthur Booth" as editor and "Thomas J. Collins" and "Charles E. Kelly" as the main contributors. Tom Collins and Charlie Kelly took over as joint editors in 1926 after the death of Arthur Booth.
Both editors remained major contributors along with monthly contributions from many well known Irish artists and writers.

Dublin Opion continued in publication for 42 years until 1968 when it was voluntarily wound up.
An unsuccessful attempt was made to revived the publication in 1987.

The Editors of Dublin Opinion

One of the major artists contributing to the pages of Dublin Opinion was William St.John Glenn. He created the mystical Irish village of "Ballyscunnion" this became a full page monthly feature of the magazine. The drawings were of typical Irish village scenes, dating from a earier period but they were cleverly involved in current events with humourous and political themes.

Bill Glenn started by initially contributing contemporary humourous sketches to Dublin Opinion and later introduced the Ballyscunnion drawings.

Dublin Opinion cover from Oct. 1935

Dublin Opinion cover from May 1924

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