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The Artist
W. St. J. Glenn

William St. J Glenn was born in Belfast, N Ireland in1904, he studied art at the Belfast School of Art.
At the age of 16 his first illustrations were published in Ireland's "Saturday Night"newspaper. He continued with commercial art until 1926 when he was offered a position at the daily "Belfast Telegraph". His concept for a daily cartoon strip called' Oscar" was accepted for publication and ran until 1936. His photography was often published  by the paper and his skill for editing of press photos.
In 1936 he joined the London "Daily Mail" to draw a humorous, contemporary, daily cartoon strip titled "Dorothea". It was named after his wife, whose close likeness was featured in the strip. "Dorothea" appeared daily until 1940.
During the war years , 1940 to 1945, he worked for the "Ministry of Information" editing photos and newsreel material from war correspondents before their release to the news media. He also produced numerous educational film strips for the MOI.
In 1946  he returned to the Daily Mail as feature editor working on many art productions for the Daily Mail and sister paper The Evening News until 1961. During this period he created a cartoon strip based on "The Diary of Samuel Pepys" for the Evening News and was editor and contributor to the yearly children's"Teddy Tail Annual"
In 1968 he was elected an honorary academician of the"Royal Ulster Academy" (RUA) of Irish Artists.
He reguarly contributed to the Irish monthly publication"Dublin Opinion" starting in 1936 until 1968, "Ballyscunnion" drawings were reguarly featured, he also contributed many humorous sketches.
He also contributed artwork to many UK publications including "The Sunday Observer", "Punch", 'Everywoman" and "The Autocar".
He died in London in 1974. 
His artwork was signed either "W St J Glenn" or "Glenn"
Over one hundred original Ballyscunnion drawings are now part of the collection of the National Gallery of Ireland and will be available for viewing as part of their future programs.